6 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Mandy Vaughn

    Hi Coaches,
    I just finished your first class this morning and am excited, nervous, and terrified for the next workout!

    This was my first introduction to CF. It was a little tough for me
    and I definitely have ample room to grow. However, I am excited to keep going.

    My husband, AMT2 Jason Vaughn, told me your plans to get this program started. We are both interested in the workouts and hope to at least take turns in the gym while juggling work and our 11 month old.

    Thanks so much to all of you coaches for volunteering your time and expertise so that we can all better ourselves!! I look forward to the next class!

    Mandy Vaughn


    1. Thank you, Mandy! We are going to try our best to accommodate class times for everyone. If nothing else, we can provide everyone with the basics and open a forum for all of you to get together and complete your workouts as a group at times that work for you.

      – John Leach


  2. Marcus Montgomery

    Hello coaches,

    My wife made me try the morning class a couple of times last week and i’m looking forward to more with you all. Thanks for putting these classes together. If you can send me information about how I can become a member of the cross fit group I would appreciate it.


    1. We are a non-profit, military affiliate open only to active duty military, military dependents, retirees, and civil service employees. Basically, anyone with a military ID and base privileges can drop in for free. Do you fall in any of those categories? If not, there are a few other “for profit” gyms in town. I hope this info helps, and you are always welcome to follow our programming online.


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