John Leach

John is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and has been CrossFitting since 2009.  His athletic background includes collegiate level ice hockey at the United States Coast Guard Academy.  Having spent 17 years on active duty in the USCG, he is committed to improving the health and fitness of fellow active duty military members and their dependents.  He is currently an MH-60T pilot and Aeronautical Engineering Officer with the USCG Air Station in Sitka, AK.

Thomas A. Bailey III

FOTE613.JPG“Tab” is a Level 2 trainer, has been involved in CrossFit since 2010, and has held a CrossFit certificate to train since 2012.  He played various high school and league sports and has coached youth wrestling, soccer, baseball, and football.  He has spent more than 15 years on active duty in the USCG and has been a Unit Health Promotion Coordinator for most of his career, helping countless active duty members and their families improve their health and well being.  He is currently the Supply Chief at USCG Air Station Sitka, AK.

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